AEIC Publications

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A USER'S GUIDE TO ENVIRONMENTAL IMMUNOCHEMICAL ANALYSIS - An excellent resource put together by the Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Sciences Division AEIC Technical Comments Regarding Publication on "Performance Assessment of Rapid Immunological Test" - PDF


Education is a top priority in gaining broader understanding and acceptance of the application of immunoassay and nucleic acid-based detection methods to agricultural and environmental analytical applications. Thus, on behalf of AEIC, individuals from member organizations make numerous presentations on educational, technical and regulatory subjects at regional, national and international meetings.  Workshops and training sessions have been designed, developed and presented to state and federal regulatory agencies.  Members of AEIC also participate in training workshops sponsored by American Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACCI) which are held to train scientists from various geographies on ELISA and PCR methods for agricultural biotechnology.  The AEIC Meetings (Spring and Fall) also provide members information on new detection technologies and challenges for detection methods via talks and discussions sessions.

The following slide decks were created by AEIC and are historical. These slide decks are in the process of being updated.

Methods for Detecting and Measuring Ag Biotech Products -

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