Meetings & Activities

    • AEIC organizes two meetings/year to conduct AEIC business and as a forum to discuss current issues relevant to bioanalytical methods, their applications and related regulatory concerns globally. Summaries of the meetings and details of upcoming meetings can be found under the dropdown menu "Meetings".
    • AEIC co-sponsored (with ILSI and AACCI) and participates in training workshops on detection methods for biotechnology around the world (including India, Korea, China, Brazil and Argentina).
    • AEIC co-sponsored, with USDA/GIPSA, a worksho entitled "Grain Biotechnology Methods Validation".
    • AEIC presented an immunochemical analytical methods workshop for EPA OPPTS in Arlington, VA.
    • AEIC co-hosted a meeting with the Society of Food and Agricultural Immunology.
    • AEIC co-sponsored a symposium on practical applications of immunoassays with the Agrochemical Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
    • AEIC co-sponsored a global meeting with the European Society for Food and Agricultural Immunology.
    • AEIC has worked with EPA to develop validation guidelines for environmental applications of immunochemical methods for use in studies to support pesticide registration.
    • AEIC has provided, and will continue to provide, speakers for other organizations which are working to increase the understanding of bioanalytical, nucleic acid and immunochemical methods.