AEIC Accomplishments

Establish Guidelines and Standards

  • AEIC Composition Working Group developed and validated Enzyme-Linked Lectin Analysis (ELLA) method which was accepted as an official method of AOCS in 2017.
  • AEIC supports and is active, through its members, in the ISO standards setting process, most notably TC 34 SC 16 Molecular Biomarker Analysis and sampling for GMO detection.
  • AEIC has been instrumental in ensuring that the testing standards developed for PCR and protein methods are workable and globally relevant.
  • AEIC publishes peer-reviewed globally relevant papers on a variety of topics related to best practices in using analytical methods (see White Papers and Training section).
  • AEIC worked with EPA to develop validation guidelines for environmental applications of immunochemical methods for use in studies to support pesticide registration.
  • AEIC worked to establish voluntary performance standards for immunoassay kits.
  • AEIC collaborated with University of Nebraska to develop guidelines for testing GM crops and grain using lateral flow devices.